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If you live in the Southern California area we will arrange an in home audition for Qualifying Music Lovers who think IT can't get any better than what their listening THROUGH now. Let us help to bring your music More to LIFE. Make an appointment to compare, and in your own environment! Dealer (Concierge) service is available throughout Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Orange Counties. Dealers coming soon in San Francisco, New York City and Chicago. 


San Francisco 2015 CAS

"Paired with Audio Note AN/E copper speakers, Music First Step-up and Baby Reference preamp, and a Triangle ART Symphony turntable with Osiris tonearm and Triangle Art Apollo cartridge, the system sounded exceptionally liquid and smooth... Similarly, Mel Tormé's voice sounded maximally lovely and smooth!"

"Simply lovely" appears over and over again in my notes."

Jason Serinus

Stereophile Magazine

(805) 637-6644

San Francisco 2015 CAS

-The sound here was exceptionally fine. There was scale, liquidity, transparency, and, most importantly, emotional engagement in spades. The system "breathed" ...incredible!

Playing the newly released Simon & Garfunkel Concert in Central Park LP brought forth the electricity of the huge (500,000 strong) crowd while simultaneously allowing near-microscopic examination of Paul and Art's vocal harmonizing. Really great stuff!-

David B

Steve Hoffman MF

​​​​ ​​VOSS Luxury AUDIO