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  The VOSS AUDIO Worthy (ITL) Ultra (Phono-Stage) -


" is the most palpable, best-sounding phono-stage I have ever heard."


- Steve Hoffman

 Legendary Audiophile Remastering Engineer

About Us





An audio signal containing musical information is highly complex and requires that any amplifier processing it must have outstanding Linearity in both frequency and time domains. Our circuit design criteria take into account the complete operating parameters of every individual electrical function specifically with respect to its ability to perform flawlessly under full output with no linearity deviations. As signal linearity is the key to ultra-wide (>5mhz) bandwidth and full harmonic expressive capacity, a new level of measurement accuracy and measuring techniques were adopted using new computer models and simulation software. This design approach goes beyond the industry standard, which evaluates signal linearity only at the output, but instead redefines the design process to include evaluating and measuring the total dynamic linearity of each and every component in all stages of the entire circuit. The signal test that best defines Total Dynamic Linearity performance is the square wave function measurement. Square wave function defines every performance parameter of a system under real-world conditions since it contains the full spectrum of harmonics (2nd 3rd and 4th order) which create dense natural tonal colors and the placement of instruments and sounds within a deeper and wider sound-stage among many other attributes and changes value instantaneously. Hence when measuring each component for total dynamic linearity, each and every component part’s performance is determined and used to calibrate the square-wave performance in real-time at numerous points within each stage of the design. This simply means that all non-linearities affecting sound quality do not developachieving a practical 'super-linear' signal transmission, leaving the signal practically unaffected moving through the audio circuit stages. This is ground-breaking and creates a 3-dimensional harmonic 'picture' of your favorite recordings like never before.




Our audio products pass through more harmonic information, provide greater micro and macro dynamics with increased clarity and smoothness, larger scale presentation, and provide inherently LESS LISTENER FATIGUE than any other audio amplification products available, moving you one step closer to recreating the true human emotions from which all your favorite recordings originate. When our products are installed, your whole body will relax into the musical moment. Providing the harmonic integrity (harmonic structural integrity) necessary for you to feel you are in the presence of the song's creators. With full recording venue acoustics and players' emotions intact, you'll experience emotional responses to the music...

Like Never Before.

 Phono Stage


                                                                                                  WORTHY ITL


                                                                                          Ultimate Reference Phono stage





Since the adherence to the RIAA curve defines phono stage accuracy, the WORTHY ITL ULTIMATE REFERENCE PHONO STAGE employs .01% accuracy custom manufactured components in conjunction with advanced computer modeling to precisely calculate those values. The resultant circuit implementation has an RIAA equalization accuracy of .03%, and working with the proprietary VOSS Ultra-Class Dynamic Transient Linearization Networks an unhindered sense of power and purity, as though the signal is being fed directly from the original performance, is revealed. LP playback will have unprecedented quietness, dynamics, harmonic definition and purity with absolute zero added coloration. 28db of overload margin ensures wide dynamic range stability with zero possible compression.  The output impedance of <1 ohm ensures the safe use of long interconnect runs,

while keeping impedance compatibility with any interface component.


The WORTHY ITL ULTIMATE REFERENCE PHONO STAGE is a Masterwork of innovation, engineering and execution, and provides the world of extreme reference audio with a New Ultra-Reference Class phono stage.




 Voltage Gain: 40db

Dynamic Range: >108db

Output impedance: 1 ohm

Input impedance: 47k ohm

Signal to noise ratio: >110db

 RIAA Equalization Accuracy: <.03%

 Inter Modulation Distortion: <.0001%

Treated Silver WBT Single Ended Jacks






Our Products



Insightful Engineering Accomplishments like the development of our Dynamic Linearity Optimization Blueprinting (VOSS LOGIC, created from our Innovative, Total Dynamic Linearity Modeling Software) dramatically elevates sound quality by maintaining the input signal in a practically original, untouched state. By creating a perfect Square Wave-measuring Ultra-Linear Pathway, the Source Signal passes through our New Generation audio circuit providing Exciting and New Levels of Sound-Staging and "Presence", with Convincing, Full-scale Harmonic Rendering, Richness and Detail, ...Naturalness, Musicality & Deep Emotional Engagement with Ultimate, Effortless Dynamic Capability, And... Unprecedented Purity of Tone.

Hearing is Believing!



Customer Comments

“The ability of this stage to replicate acoustic events is uncanny.”    

…“It seems to magnify the innate differences between recordings - you become much more aware of how other systems are imposing their own soundstage and tone on everything they play.” 


..."massed strings and orchestral, the ability to keep delicate scale and nuance when there’s a lot going on, and hence allow one to count the numbers of players in a section, to hear doubled oboes and distinguish each oboe etc. is unrivaled, and something I’ve not known from any component (analog or digital) before. 


…“At the same time the Voss remains completely in control through whatever you throw at it - what I had written off as inevitable end of side congestion and distortion is now navigated with ease.”                                                                                                                        

Simon G.  





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VOSS AUDIO products are sold direct to customers and through a handful of carefully selected upscale dealers worldwide. They are meticulously hand built exclusively in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, California, USA.



VOSS AUDIO flagship products come with a 30-day total satisfaction guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty. Our dedication is to your unequalled satisfaction with VOSS AUDIO flagship luxury audio products!

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